Westafricabraidedwigs started in the summer of August 2020.I had a vision to spread happiness by helping Black Women be more Confident in their appearance and overall look by providing affordable,quality and natural looking wigs.

Our Story

When I Immigrated from Africa to the U.S some years back I had issues finding a braider who could accommodate mine and my little girls needs.The closest braider I found was almost 2 hrs away from me.I also had to deal with thinning edges and sensitive scalp and all that was just so frustrating.This made me to start looking into ways to have braids without all the stress I was facing and that was what birthed Westafricabraidedwigs

Our wigs are made for every Black Woman who loves Braids,but doesn’t want to spend hours at the salon to get the “I just braided my hair look”. We also cater to women dealing with hair loss(from Alopecia,Lupus,Chemo),thinning edges.Your wigs can be customized to fit your need.We want every Black Woman to look in the mirror and feel super confident and beautiful in our wigs.

We have created very easy to wear wigs that are natural looking,glueless and made with the best lace.

Check our ready to ship collection for our best sellers,you can also fill out the custom request form for more specific customization.